Hour of Code (fan) Ad


Hour of Code (fan) Ad

This (fan) ad highlights the importance of coding in today’s day and age in a very simple manner. Many countries across the world have started including coding classes in their school curriculum, so that children can start learning the basic fundamentals of coding from an early age. The Hour of Code initiative is a global initiative that offers free hour long tutorials in over 45 languages. It reaches millions of students in 180+ countries. For more information, visit http://www.code.org. Watch the ad here: Hour of Code (fan) Ad

The logic behind the ad is as follows:

Technology is omnipresent today. Everywhere one goes, we come across some or the other form of technology. A human being today cannot exist without technology being there as a very vital part of a human’s ecosystem. We can safely conclude how important and necessary tech has become for us these days. But what if we aren’t familiar with tech? How to use it, how to create it, how to implement it for the greater good? The greatest world leaders have spoken about the importance of learning about technology, the importance of learning to code. If one is unaware, he/she can feel like the vintage car in the ad above, which is standstill in a fast-moving world. The vintage car is abandoned in the middle of the street, left to tend for itself. The Hour of Code initiative’s tutorials are available for anyone irrespective of their age, language ability and country of residence. I feel a strong passion and bond for this initiative, and was impressed by it when I first heard of it. Hence, to support the cause, I created an ad. All logo trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective holders.


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