Marketing a Classifieds Ads Site

I would recommend you narrow your geographical and demography focus. What I mean is this:

  1. Narrow geographical focus: Focus on a particular region, state, city or town. Why? Because starting with a narrow focus before growing big is better. You get a strong foot hold in your familiar region, and you then expand to other regions after learning lessons from your familiar region;
  2. Narrow demography focus: Focus on a particular demographic. What does that mean? Focus on a particular group of people. Like focus only on women, or only on youth, or only on senior citizens. Why? Starting small again is better than to waste energy on focusing on everyone. And focusing only on one segment of the population may also help you to gain a loyal following.

How would you go about advertising for this site? Start with distributing flyers in small towns and villages, and post advertisements/flyers on local billboards/bulletin boards about the site and how it can benefit users. If the site does not have any benefits, why would users visit your site?


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