Uber (fan) Ad

Youtube Video of Uber (fan) Ad

Fan made ad for Uber! Uber is ubiquitous now, providing consumers with the ease and flexibility of travelling by chauffeur-driven cars and have nothing to do with the hassles of owning a car (like parking, maintenance, fuel costs, insurance, etc). And all that with the promptness of getting a car anytime, anywhere.

From my perspective, I think Uber is one of the best things to happen in the physical world after the introduction of internet (and Amazon!). Let’s look at the logic behind this ad:

The woman in the video is waiting for a cab for quite a while. She waiting for a long while is evident from the fact that she has actually stepped on to the road instead of standing on the sidewalk. If she was an Uber customer, she could have just called an Uber car through her app, and within minutes, the car would have arrived to pick her up. Uber seamlessly connects car drivers and owners in several countries and regions worldwide for travelling locally. Stuck in traffic? Just hop off and walk to your destination without having to worry about parking your car in an appropriate spot. Tired after a long day at work? Just call an Uber and relax while being driven to your destination. Don’t have money to buy a car? Why buy when you can Uber?!

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