Best Ways To Advertise Without Spending On TV Advertising

This appeared originally as my answer to a question on Quora, which can be found here: What are the best ways to advertise a product if I do not want to spend money on TV advertising?

Hi! You have a lot of options besides TV advertising. A lot of products don’t advertise on TV, so your product won’t be the only one. The options besides TV advertising that you can look at are:

  1. Online advertising: Online advertising is cheap, and has a wide reach across demographics and geographies. It may not be the best option every time (depending on your product and brand image), but it sure is effective for a lot of industries and sectors. This also includes advertising through social media and social media influencers;
  2. Print advertising: Getting ad space in newspapers and print magazines is an interesting option, if your targeted demographic reads them. It is a tangible form of advertising (you can hold it in your hands, feel it, etc) so you can think creatively on those lines to get the maximum eyeballs (attention) for your product and your ad;
  3. Radio advertising: If your targeted demographic is a frequent user of the radio, then advertising on radio stations may seem like a good option. Many companies with very specific segments that listen frequently to the radio have benefited by advertising via this medium;
  4. Newsletter/Mail-order marketing: You can mail residences and commercial spaces/offices with newsletters and mail-order forms/booklets describing your product(s) features and uses. This may be a bit intrusive, but not everyone is known to chuck newsletters and mail-order forms in the trash bin. So you may have success with this option if you are able to show value to your potential customers;
  5. Cold calling: While this option may invite the ire of those who don’t enjoy receiving marketing calls from companies, there are many people who wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes if what you are proposing is valuable/worthy enough. Because this option is a bit intrusive, ensure that your company handles this option delicately;
  6. Distributing flyers/pamphlets: This is especially beneficial when your flyer distributor is placed in an area with a lot of foot traffic (near railway stations, supermarkets, etc). It is a cheap and effective way of advertising in a small target area;
  7. Live demonstrations: This is done when the product is new to the market, and the market is unaware of its existence and uses. You can place your product in supermarkets/malls for live demonstrations which shall make your target audience understand if they actually need something like that. Because people see the product being used in front of them, their perception and decision about buying your product would be decided on the spot, resulting in great success for your company if managed well;
  8. Door-to-door sales: A lot of cable TV subscriptions, clubs that offer memberships, charitable organisations, etc continue using this option to sell their products and services. Your foot soldiers (marketers) may not always be welcomed to introduce your product/company, but if they are, you could be positive about getting a sale from such customers, or to say the least, spreading awareness about your product/company;
  9. Holding seminars/events: Many companies that offer relatively new products and services prefer this method. Also, companies which rely on networking and enabling networking between their potential clients also rely on this method. Holding events/seminars helps you meet your potential customer(s) face-to-face, making them trust you and find you to be reliable. Also, seeing others attend such events makes them feel comfortable about them not being the only ones needing a product/service like what you have to offer.

Hope this helps you extensively! If you want any assistance with advertising and marketing your new business, contact me and I would be happy to help.

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