Using Kids As Adults In TV Ads: Catching The Imagination Of Viewers

This appeared originally as my answer to a question on Quora, which can be found here: Why does Flipkart use kids voiced by adults for their television adverts?

The video of the ad can be seen here on Youtube: The BigBillionDays – Classroom

Flipkart’s ads with kids speaking in adult voices are memorable. I believe that’s done for primarily 2 reasons:

  1. To make ads more memorable (which I already admitted to above). It is a novel concept, and thus, the brand recall is high when thinking about Flipkart. Who does not like adorable kids acting like adults anyway?;
  2. The ads wouldn’t have been as pricey when compared to those that have celebrities or popular actors in them. Having kids in those ads would have helped reduce costs substantially and keep expenses in check.

A brilliant idea and a brilliant campaign, nonetheless.

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