Is Print Advertising Effective?

Yes, absolutely! Print advertising is beautiful, and sometimes, much more effective than online ads or TV ads. Okay, let’s take a look at the when, how and why is print advertising effective.

1. It is tangible, thus, invigorating the senses: When you are going through magazines, newspapers and other periodicals, you actually are getting a feel of the paper in your hands, the smell of the papers, the look of the paper, etc. When all these attributes come together that are touching your senses in some way or the other, then you tend to remember print ads longer than other mediums;

2. Print gives credibility: Having your ad in a reputed newspaper will definitely give your company credibilty as compared to on a website where anyone with $10-$15 will be able to publish their ads. Ask yourself: if you saw an ad of a company in The New York Times, and an ad of another similar company on some website, which company are you going to trust more? I am sure you would have picked the one with the ad in NYT;

3. Research proves that print increases sales and gets higher ROI: Advertising in newspapers and periodicals gets you to reach targeted audiences who may be looking for products offered by companies like yours. For example, a reputed magazine about pets with ads for pet food may result in higher sales than compared to displaying an ad of the same product online (because you probably were on the website just looking for general information and not in the market to buy something);

4. Print ads are sometimes required by law: A lot of law agencies require announcements to be made in print publications, which results in mandatory publishing of ads in periodicals and newspapers. Non-compliance with such laws may result in heavy penalties for the company involved;

5. Less distraction and competition: Imagine being able to reserve the whole first page of The New York Times for a grand launch of your company’s new product. Now deny that being effective for your business! Print ads have less distraction and competition (fewer ads per page) resulting in your ads being seen most of the times;

6. Print lasts longer: Because print ads are tangible, they last longer. How is this beneficial? Remember your visits to the doctor or your dentist? What did you first look for when in the waiting room? Your answer would be ‘magazines!!’. So, print ads will last you much longer than other forms of advertising in this context, continuing your product’s advertising long after you had it published in the periodical/newspaper.

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