Which Products Cannot Be Advertised?

Products that are contrabands, or even addictive/harmful products like cigarettes, alcohol, etc are usually banned from advertising themselves in several countries. You may then ask how do such products/companies continue their business if they cannot market them? They use something called “surrogate marketing”. Surrogate advertising is used when advertising for banned products like cigarettes, alcohol, etc is done. Some countries ban advertising on addictive products like cigarettes and liquor, so advertisers and marketers have to find ways around them. They may advertise a company’s brand name by introducing a brand of water, or music CDs, or sponsor some local sports team. Some surrogate advertisers in the Indian context are:

  1. Aristocrat
  2. Seagrams
  3. Bacardi
  4. Manikchand
  5. Kingfisher
  6. Smirnoff

Some images to help you recall familiar surrogate advertisements are attached with this answer.

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