Quora (fan) Ad


Here are my thoughts for the ad:

Quora is a brilliant website. It has well written content, and very interesting answers. What attracts users to the website (like it has attracted me and to become an ardent fan) is not just the answer side of things, but also the interesting, quirky, funny, imaginative questions. The ad above shows a very normal setting of a man using his tablet with a coffee, magazine and a smartphone in the background. Just this simple question evokes several questions like what have been shown in the ad:

  1. Which are the best technology magazines?
  2. Can someone tell me about different types of coffee?
  3. Which is the best tablet?
  4. What is the best affordable smartphone?

Why have the questions been shown? To make users comfortable in asking ANY question in ANYWAY to ANYONE at ANYTIME. Those questions help people feel comfortable asking any questions in any way they are comfortable. That is important, because people need to know that any question they ask is not going to be judged upon by the community, and that Quorans will happily answer those questions for you. Hence, the tagline for the website “Have A Question? Ask On Quora”. While “The Best Answer To Any Question” is a great tagline, I feel the “Have A Question?” (on the lines of the very popular “Got MLK?”) provokes an action, sparks a thought and causes a user to ask anything he/she has in mind. The ‘best answer’ is secondary, and in my opinion, is not action-provoking.

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