Advertising Local Businesses

Local advertising of businesses can be done in a lot of ways, but before that, let me list out the benefits of having a local business which makes advertising them a bit easier:

  1. Less competition: If you are based in a small town, with few businesses, then you would not have a lot of competition thus giving your business an edge if it does well;
  2. Advertising/marketing is cheaper: Because there are fewer people in small towns, advertising locally is cheaper as compared to advertising regionally/nationally/internationally;
  3. Word of Mouth is King: If you provide great value to the community and the people of your town, they are going to be your loyal customers for life. That’s one great advantage enjoyed by local businesses.

Now, let’s look at what methods can one use to advertise locally:

  1. Local TV/radio/newspaper ads: Advertising on local TV/radio networks or the local paper is cheaper and very effective;
  2. Organise/sponsor events: Either organise events that bring the community together, or sponsor events that shall bring people of your town together. This shall help in gaining exposure for your business;
  3. Provide value and great service: Like I said above, word of mouth is king. If word gets around that your store is great and provides great services/goods, then you will have a consistent stream of customers coming;
  4. Door-to-door marketing: Go door-to-door in your local area to spread the word about your business;
  5. Distribute flyers/pamphlets: Distribute flyers and pamphlets in areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Hope it helps, and good luck with your business!

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