Why is Google marketing Google Maps so aggressively?

Google Maps is a brilliant product from Google, one which solves a huge problem (location and directions to places everywhere on the planet) for everyone.

Why is Google advertising its mapping solution? Because it is poised to bring in a lot of revenues in the form of advertising for Google in the long run. How so? Imagine you are walking down ABC Street in XYZ Town, and you wish to go to DEF Street and turn on Google maps for the directions. At this point, Google has a lot of options to show advertisements to you when you run a search for directions to DEF Street. What options, do you ask? Let’s look at some:

  1. Call a cab to take you to DEF Street. Fares starting at $3!;
  2. Hungry? Grab a pizza at the best pizza place in XYZ Town. Starts at just $9.99!;
  3. Thirsty from walking around? Walk in for our grande slurpees! 99 cents only!

And so on and so forth. When a lot of users will start using Google Maps, Google will start earning huge revenues from displaying such ads alongside the mapping solution.

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