Brand Name Idea For A Bow Store


This appeared originally as my answer to a question on Quora, which can be found here: What are some good names for a bow boutique?

I think “Bowman” will be a great name. I have reasons for that, which I shall list in a moment. I created sample print ads for you, to help you see and visualize your brand and business better. Here are my reasons for Bowman:

  1. It sounds formal and it sounds casual and cool. That is important for a boutique because bows are the same way: formal yet very cool;
  2. Bowman would personify you, the owner of the boutique (assuming you are a man who wants to open a boutique selling bow ties);
  3. is available. I think that will help you have an online presence with your brand name in it. That’s important because every business needs an online presence today;
  4. I think the “Take A Bow” tagline for your brand will be amazing, since it has your main product in it, along with what the brand stands for: powerful yet cool dressing which commands respect and thus asking the audience to “Take A Bow”.

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